wear your seatbelts

At least 2 times per week, Seymour Volunteer Fire Department will respond to a Motor Vehicle Accident.


Being prepared is one of our basic mission principles.

To be prepared, Seymour Volunteer Firefighters train using Live Fire in acquired structures.


Basic Mission

Volunteer Firefighters respond to emergencies in all weather conditions, during all hours of the day or night, and even leave their families on holidays.



To learn how to extricate people from vehicles, we have to learn how to properly break windows and bend metal.


Even the smallest donate

Precious Lamb Preschool children collected over $1000 to go toward the purchase of a turnout coat and bunk pants for one volunteer firefighter.



Even firefighters need support – providing traffic control, food, water, and shelter is the mission of this group.

    Our Mission

    Preparing For Someone’s Worse Day!!


    Seymour is an unincorporated community that is composed of three separate counties where there are minimal base-level services, driven by 3 separate county agencies located miles from the area. Seymour Volunteer Fire Department operates on a shoestring budget and we continually find ourselves as an afterthought for any discussions related to county services. With no fire department tax base in any of the counties we serve, we operate on annual grant funding from three county governments and donations from the community. Unfortunately, we only receive donations from approximately 9% of the residences.

    Our community is growing (up 32 percent in the last 10 years) and our costs are rising (fuel up 162% year over year); yet our revenue is falling. Our annual fund drives simply do not generate the type of revenue required for the purchase of fire apparatus or protective equipment.

    Demand for fire department services, increased fire department call volume and the need for an ever-expanding emergency response infrastructure has quickly outpaced the fire department budget. Needed major purchases will not happen without significant funding due to critical shortages of other equipment and the simple cost of doing business in an environment where the our community is just now realizing what it takes to sustain a volunteer organization.